No: DB002-3

Come From: The Heshangqiao Iron Deposit in Ma’anshan City, Anhui Province

Description: The Heshangqiao deposit is located in the Lower Cretaceous dioritic porphyrite. The ores are of albite fine-grained disseminated textured magnetite. The exhibited samples include three types: porphyritic type magnetite, actinolite magnetite, and dioritic porphyrite. The main metallic minerals include magnetite and hematite. The ores are of scale-like and disseminated textures; the useful components are hosted as lumps among the gray-green micro-to-fine crystalline and cryptocrystalline porphyritic breccias. In the native crystal holes, the ores usually occur as coarse-grained crystals. Grade: Fe, 32.93%; meanwhile, the useful component also embraces V2O5. Another type of ore is actinolite magnetite with the main components being actinolite and magnetite. Dioritic porphyrite occurs as green-gray color, and is composed of feldspar and hornblende.