As China’s national depository library of drilling cores and geological samples, CSCLR has launched the research on management policies and technical methodologies for cores and samples. CSCLR has assisted the higher authority responsible for geological cores and samples from Ministry of Land and Resources (MLR) in issuing Cores & Samples Management Act, Technical Requirements for Cores & Samples Collection & Storage, Requirements for Cores and Samples Selection, and Requirements for Cores and Samples Library Construction. Besides, it has ensured the smooth operation of National Cores and Samples Collecting Regulatory Platform and National Geological Data Management Information Reporting System. CSCLR has also organized the national on-site investigation of national geological cores and samples and figured out the current situation of cores and samples management. In addition, CSCLR has also legislated and issued the guidance for cores and samples collation. CSCLR has made periodical achievements in checking basic borehole information and borehole database research in China.  It also has provided technical guidance  on the construction of cores and samples library, as well as the serviceand management of the cores and samples in over 20 provinces (districts, cities).

Now an increasingly rich digital information products of physical geological data  has been produced through trimming, documenting, editing, scanning, integrating, and further processing the cores and samples. And CSCLR is offering multiple services to viewers both at home and abroad, including catalog search, observation, sampling, testing, science popularization, and teaching and learning practice, etc.

China Geological Sample Information website, as the portal of CSCLR, is a national wide non-profit public service platform for cores and samples information, where geologists and the public can get professional information of cores and samples. Besides information on national management and services, policies and regulations, and dynamic research for cores and samples, the website is mainly offering services in browsing, inquiring, and searching of cores and samples information. The thematic service offered by CSCLR is of a highlight, which includes “category searching of national cores and samples collections”, “cores and samples information searching”, “graphs searching”, “cores graphs searching”, “category searching of national integration exploration regions”, and “3D exhibition hall”.

National Cores & Samples Archives fully exhibits cores and samples from typical mines, China's first deep scientific drilling projects, "Golden Spike" section and columnar basalts, important ancient biological fossils, as well as foreign mineral exploration projects. CSCLR has promoted scientific literacy among the public, which has aroused their interest in learning more about the Earth, resource development and environment protection.

With an area of about 20,000 square meters, the Outdoor Samples Exhibition Square exhibits 260 ore samples from 125 national famous mines. Each sample is attached with such information as location, genetic type and ore structure, etc, making the Square rank among the nation's finest ones. As a window and base for socialized service of cores and samples, the Square serves as a place where domestic and foreign scholars can conduct geological research, and geological universities and the general public can enjoy science popularization service.

With well-equipped testing and experimental facilities as well as the skillful experiences, CSCLR can offer such services as coal quality analysis and cores and samples testing, which mainly include cores and samples separation, thin-section preparation, and their chemical analysis; also, the analysis of coal, peat, soil, water, and bio-chemical analysis are in the list of service. In 2010, granted by Ministry of Land & Resources, CSCLR is well qualified and nominated as the Cores-Samples and Coal Quality Monitoring & Testing Center of Ministry of Land & Resources.