On Dec 11th, 2016, Prof. Dr. Brain Horsfield, chairman of the executive board of International Continental Drilling Program (ICDP for short), Zhao Caisheng, director of Science and Technology Development Division, Fan Li, director of Foreign Affairs, Division of Science, Technology and International Affairs from the Ministry of Land and Resources, He Qingcheng, deputy director of the Deep Exploration Center of Chinese Academy of Geosciences (also director of IUGS Secretariat and member of ICDP Executive Committee), and Si Tuyu from the Department of Science and Technology of China Geological Survey (CGS), visited the CSCLR. Accompanied by Wang Yanhong, deputy director of the CSCLR and some departmental directors, they first visited the Outdoor Samples Exhibition Square and the Cores & Samples Storehouses, and then they had discussions and exchanges on the CSCLR and the CCSD-SK-2 cores custody and utilization.
Prof. Horsfield fully agreed with the science education that the CSCLR had carried out for the public, and he was interested in the automatic machine used for cores storage. During the visit of SK-2 cores, the project leader Cui Liwei of SK-2 in the CSCLR briefly introduced the whole management process from site management to services. He also showed the special column “SK-2 Cores Utilization and Services” on the CSCLR official website, on which visitors could acknowledge the latest news about SK-2 cores. Prof. Horsfield thought that the permanent preservation, utilization and services the CSCLR has done for SK-2 cores, provided valuable geological materials for conducting research on geology for future generations. The SK-2 cores are mainly used for exhibition, sampling, photographing, consulting, testing and analysis. At present, 214 users had used for 4738.52 meters.
At last, Prof. Horsfield introduced the purpose of visiting the CSCLR, the status of the ICDP member countries, the funding for the International Continental Drilling Programs and how to apply for ICDP funding. He advised that the CSCLR should carry out more Scientific Drilling Projects.