The cores and samples kept in National Cores and Samples Archive are taken out based on the principal of “typical, representative, specific and systemic”.  Typical and representative cores and samples from different mining area(belt), different metallogenic types, different tectonic regions and different metamorphic regions(belt), also the regional survey samples from Qinghai-Tibet Plateau (highlight areas) and cores taken from Continental Deep Drilling (Well CCSD-1) are collected from all over China. Centered by "Qinghai-Tibet Plateau 1:250,000 Regional Survey Sections" and "Typical Mines Nationwide", and focused on "Well CCSD-1" and " Global Stratotype Section and Point" profile sample, national cores and samples database system has been preliminarily formed.

The CSCLR has been focused on strengthening the infrastructure construction, enriching library resources, pushing forward the construction of information technology and management system, establishing and improving the service system of cores and samples, as well as promoting the clustering process of industrialization of cores and samples. It has also strengthened decision support and technical support for higher authorities, improved the exchange and service ability of cores and samples, and promoted cores and samples management. What’s more, the CSCLR has been constructed into a custodial services center, technology research center, exchange and cooperation center and a science education center for cores and samples by fully performing the obligation of National Cores and Samples Archives.